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To go through life not understanding Romans can be compared to living like a beggar in the palace of a king.


Romans forms the bedrock for all New Testament truth.  One simply cannot go beyond the baby steps of the Christian life without learning this book! Romans resolves a long list of issues which are facing God’s people and it is as relevant in our time as it was when it was written.


  • Learn what the gospel really is and how to express it in simple, but accurate terms.
  • Learn what the Bible says about Christian victory and how anyone can realize it on a daily basis.
  • Learn how to take your place in the body of Christ in a purposeful way that results in real fruit.
  • Learn how God has outlined the past, present, and future and how to be sure you are in step with what God is doing.
  • Learn how to recognize false teachers quickly.
  • Learn to imitate Paul’s example as he deals with the real needs of God’s people.


The Romans Bible Study is divided into 28 Bible Sessions with corresponding supplements.  This study is ideal for group Bible studies or for anyone who wants to enjoy God’s Word.


No believer has ever studied Romans and regretted it!


Jim Steel’s books are the product of many years of pulpit ministry in thriving congregations where the focus was on simple, but accurate exposition of God’s Word with practical, common sense applications to every day life.  Jim carries on extensive web ministries and Bible conference seminars.